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  • The Year of the Defender Improved Career Field Capabilities

    As we move forward into the New Year, I’d like to reflect upon the past, “Year of the Defender” and how this critical initiative equipped our Defenders to be more lethal and more ready. The increased investment in training, resourcing and equipment provided the career field with a spark that will

  • Schriever AFB kicks off Year of the Defender

    The Air Force has dubbed 2019 the Year of the Defender, highlighting how Security Forces Airmen contribute to the Air Force mission and support the local communities.First Lt. Robert Scholl, 50th Security Forces Squadron operations officer, appreciates the recognition for the base’s Defenders. “Year

  • Year of the Defender: Better training, better results

    Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Gen. David Goldfein, has proclaimed 2019 as the Year of the Defender. Air Force leadership is putting additional resources into security forces this year, including upgraded kit and weapons, and better training under stressful conditions.“We must always take

  • The 736th SFS are defenders of the force

    The dictionary defines the word “defender” as a person who defends someone or something. It’s no coincidence security force members throughout the Air Force use this moniker. Defender is well-suited; however, just one word could not speak to their flexibility, warrior ethos or enormous

  • Peterson AFB begins Year of the Defender initiative

    In line with the CSAF’s sentiments and the Air Force’s Reconstitute Defender Initiative, the 21st Security Forces Squadron will be reviewing eight improvement areas, ranging from human capital to technology integration to better improve operations. In support of the RDI, the Air Force has allotted

  • Leadership spends a Day in the Life of a Defender

    The 81st Security Forces Squadron hosted the ‘Day in the Life of a Defender’ to kick-off the Year of the Defender Dec. 18, at the 81st SFS. The event allowed the 81st SFS to showcase their training, both what is mandated and what security forces does in addition at their home station, said Horton.