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Directorates, Detachments and Operating Locations


The Air Force Security Forces Center has four directorates: Corrections, Innovation, Operations, and Plans and Programs.

Corrections division

Mission: The Corrections Division is responsible for the transfer and management of Air Force courts-martialed members from worldwide confinement facilities for continued confinement in Regional Correctional Facilities (RCFs) operated by the Department of Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marine Corps. The division maintains courts-martial, personnel, and financial data of inmates confined in the Air Force Corrections System and members released on parole or appellate leave.

Branches: The Division is composed of three branches:
  • Inmate Management
  • Policy
  • Return to Duty

operations division

Mission: The Operations Division provides policy, resource advocacy, and guidance across the force protection spectrum in the areas of doctrine, antiterrorism, training and conducts vulnerability assessments. 

Branches: The Division is composed of eight branches:
  • AF Mission Assurance Assessment
  • Aggressor
  • Current Operations
  • DOD MWD Program Management
  • Force Protection
  • NORTHAF Force Protection
  • Police Services
  • Security & Base Defense

innovation division

Mission: Identify and deliver emergent and future force protection and force application solutions for the Air Force and the warfighter by rapidly measuring their potential through research, operational demonstrations, and modeling and simulation.

Branches: The Division is composed of four branches:
  • Concepts
  • Health
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Non-Lethal

Plans and Programs Division

Mission: Manages current and future requirements, facilitates development of USAF Security Forces operational concepts and doctrines. Helps Security Forces organizations provide quality, cost effective training. Implements policies and procedures for the Air Force Combat Arms training program.  

Branches: The Division is composed of five branches: 
  • Requirements 
  •  Doctrine & Concept Development 
  •  Training 
  •  Combat Arms 
  • Force Protection Commodity Council