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National correctional reform efforts gave rise to the publication of a “Restrictive Housing Report and Recommendations”. This report set forth policy recommendations for the Department of Justice (DoJ) Federal correctional system, as well as guiding principles for all US correctional agencies. In turn, this resulted in a Presidential Memorandum for limiting the use of RH in the federal government.

Air Force Corrections System Restrictive Housing Policy

Restrictive Housing involves the removal of confinees from general population, whether voluntary or involuntary; placement in a locked room or cell, whether alone or with another confinee; inability to leave the room or cell for the vast majority of the day, defined as 22 hours or more. Air Force Instruction 31-105 (Attachment 19), limits the use of Restrictive Housing to circumstances where objective evidence indicates a confinee poses a direct threat to the safety and security of themselves, others, or confinement facility operations.

Restrictive Housing Report

Air Force Corrections collects system-wide data about several aspects of the use of restrictive housing. Collectively, this data describes the incidence and prevalence of restrictive housing including the total number of confinees in each type of restrictive housing, recidivism rates, demographics, and the average length of stay

Restrictive Housing Report

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