Leadership spends a Day in the Life of a Defender

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Kimberly Mueller
  • 81st Training Wing

The 81st Security Forces Squadron hosted the ‘Day in the Life of a Defender’ to kick-off the Year of the Defender Dec. 18, at the 81st SFS.

The event allowed the 81st SFS to showcase their training, both what is mandated and what security forces does in addition at their home station, said Horton. It allows security forces to show all the hard work, effort and hundreds of hours of training that the squadron is put through.

The purpose of the Day of the Life of a Defender is for people to know what security forces does, said Tech. Sgt. Jeffrey Tuscany, 81st SFS combat arms NCO in charge.

The defenders are the first and last line of defense for installations, both home station and abroad, said Maj. Matthew Roberts, 81st Logistics Readiness Squadron commander. The first person one see’s when coming on an installation are the defenders.  There is no one more important when it comes to protecting our base, facilities, and families than our defenders.

“Everyone in the general populace has an awareness of the gate guards,” said Tech. Sgt. Anthony Horton, 81st SFS NCOIC of training. “Everyone sees them whenever they come through, but what they don’t know is what happens inside the brick building, what’s behind the scenes.”

Security forces asked themselves how they can get more proficient and lethal and it all came down to training, said Horton.

“With repetition all those things we do, the split-second decisions, we showed in different scenarios today,” said Horton. “What they [security forces] do isn’t a split-second decision anymore, it is a consequence and a result of their training and that’s where we’re trying to get.”

That repetition is what leads to success Roberts explained.

“Their training ensures they are prepared for these situations and they don’t hesitate to act swiftly with the necessary force to ensure a swift and appropriate resolution, but they also completely understand that their job entails being compassionate when necessary and professional at all times,” said Roberts.

Horton said the different tools and equipment displayed helps reach their goal faster. It is important because nobody does what security forces does.

“It’s different when you put your life on the line day in and day out,” said Horton. “It molds you into a family and helps create a bond that other people won’t experience. We work together and we deploy together, that’s all you got,” said Horton. “That’s what separates your military family from your home family.”

With this event the 81st SFS showed different capabilities of security forces, not just the layout and a blueprint of what the building looks like, but what the individuals are doing in the different sections to increase lethality, said Horton.

“Our missions are intertwined and getting the behind-the-scenes view of the defenders helps us appreciate this even more.” said Roberts. “Lt. Col. [Jonathan] Murray and his defenders put on a world-class display for us. Their readiness, lethality, and professionalism were on full display for everyone, and we all came away with an increased amount of appreciation and respect for what they do for us every day.”

The Day in the Life of a Defender was the first in a series of nine events celebrating the year of the defender ending Sept. 16, 2019.