DoD housing satisfaction survey for tenants available March 4

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  • AFIMSC Public Affairs

Tenants of Department of the Air Force privatized housing and government-owned family housing have an additional avenue for improving their quality-of-life with the March 4 release of the annual Department of Defense Tenant Satisfaction Survey.

CEL & Associates, Inc., an independent third party hired by the Department of the Air Force, administers the annual survey, which will be delivered to residents through an email link. They have until April 18 to submit their feedback.

Using a third-party firm gives service members and their families an opportunity to provide open, truthful, and anonymous feedback on their experiences living in privatized housing and government-owned family housing. Results of the survey directly impact day-to-day operations of the housing communities.

“The Department of the Air Force takes the results seriously and uses them to better understand our members’ concerns,” said Robert Moriarty, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Installations.

“We use the feedback to improve the tenant experience. Results from previous years’ surveys continue to yield improvements by providing safe, quality housing for our tenants,” Moriarty said.

The annual survey helps “influence the future of housing for service members and their families today and beyond,” said Col. Jimmy Jeoun, Air Force Housing Program chief at the Air Force Civil Engineer Center.

The Department of the Air Force housing program leaders will review the survey data and comments before releasing results to the privatized project owners.

To avoid issues in receiving the survey link, tenants should ensure that their primary email address on file with their privatized project owner or military housing office is an email address other than .mil or .gov. To avoid anti-spam software problems, CEL & Associates recommends tenants add to their allowed senders list.

Tenants who don’t receive the link by March 5 should send an email to for assistance. Tenants can contact their installation’s Military Housing Office for more information on the DoD Tenant Satisfaction Survey.

Editor's Note: Official survey information is OMB Control Number: 0704-0553, OMB Expiration Date: 5/31/2025