AFIMSC Portrait: Tech. Sgt. Justin Romeu

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JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-LACKLAND, Texas – Early in his career, Tech. Sgt. Justin Romeu learned a valuable lesson about taking care of people. He was among 145 Airmen with a code that meant they couldn’t re-enlist. No one could explain how or why he was saddled with the code, even his leadership was stumped.

“My unit tried to find routes for me to stay in with no success,” he said.

Thankfully, his supervisor didn’t give up. 

“When I was about two months away from getting out, my supervisor spoke to Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Welsh during a DV visit and explained the story,” Justin said. 

Welsh personally got to the bottom of the situation and had the code lifted for every Airman in Justin’s predicament. His supervisor’s actions, though “frowned upon” for going directly to the CSAF, did nothing short of change the lives of nearly 150 Airmen and their families.

“That is why I care so heavily and take care of the people around me,” Justin said. “One action can change someone’s life. Always look out for the people around you.”

Today, he is making the most of a career he almost didn’t have and helping the Air Force Security Forces Center’s Logistics Detail at Fort Bliss, Texas, give Defenders the tools and equipment they need to execute their mission and stay ahead of adversaries. Justin manages all tactical communications equipment at LOGDET, the Air Force’s equipment centralization system for security forces across the Total Force. Recently, he worked on a project to update communications equipment for Defenders downrange so they’re ready to handle any task they face. 

“Being in the military can be hard at times,” he said. “Knowing I can make a difference to alleviate some of those hard times makes the trials and tribulations worth it.”