National Correctional Officers Week Spotlight: Staff Sgt. Ashley Arredondo

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  • AFIMSC Public Affairs

JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-LACKLAND, Texas – In 1984, President Ronald Reagan announced the first week in May as National Correctional Officer Appreciation Week. The duties of a correctional officer entail overseeing inmates to ensure they are safe, secure and supervised. This week, AFSFC is commemorating the event by recognizing several of the men and women across the enterprise who support the Air Force corrections and confinement mission.

Meet Staff Sgt. Ashley Arredondo, Prisoner Management Administrative Clerk at AFSFC’s Det. 2, Miramar Naval Air Station, California. The six-year veteran manages prisoner programs, resources and events.

How do you contribute to the lethality and readiness of the Air Force?
My mission is to administer programs and that provide for the safety and security of the brig and its occupants, and to rehabilitate and prepare prisoners for return to civilian life as productive members of society.

What do you enjoy most about your mission?
What I most enjoy about my mission is the positive impact we can have on prisoners. Working within a Correctional Facility is a high-demanding job with unique challenges. You will constantly be tested, and must always maintain integrity and professionalism. However, the greatest lesson is knowing the importance of staying true to yourself while performing your duties. Demonstrating you can be fair and consistent while displaying personality and character has a great impact on prisoners and staff.

What motivates and inspires you the most?
My family is what motivates me the most.